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Femtosecond DPSS Yb:KYW laser,
model "Femto-Star"

Femtosecond Yb:KYW laser, model Femto-Star

Femtosecond Yb:KYW laser "Femto-Star" is a brilliant representative of the new generation of modern lasers providing ultra-fast light pulses. The major advantage of such lasers is the possibility of operation with pumping by inexpensive standard laser diodes. This substantially improves the overall efficiency of the femtosecond system, reduces its dimensions and cost. The Yb:KYW laser "Femto-Star" shipment includes a powerful pumping laser (output wavelength 980 nm) together with its control unit.

The laser's active element, potassium-yttrium tungstate monocrystal, is one of the newest prospective laser crystals having a relatively wide gain band and therefore providing Yb:KYW laser an important ability to generate ultra-fast light pulses. Yb:KYW laser "Femto-Star" can operate both in the femtosecond and in picosecond pulse modes, thereby significantly broadening the number of applications where this unique laser can be a very efficient tool.

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