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Wavelength-tunable femto-picosecond Yb-doped fiber laser, model "Ytterbius-1100"

Ytterbius-1100 Yb fiber laser

Ytterbius-1100 - pulsed femtosecond ytterbium fibre laser with the possibility of run-time detuning of the output wavelength within the range 1060-1115 nm, pulse duration: 400 fs/10 ps (a femtosecond pulse on a picosecond pedestal), pulse repetition frequency: 5-10 MHz, average output power: up to 70 mW

Laser Ytterbius-1100 features unique combined femto/pico-second pulses with the output central wavelength tuneable within a 55-nm wide spectral range from 1060 to 1115 nm, which is very helpful in solving many research and applied problems. Laser Ytterbius-1100 may be shipped together with an optional Raman converter module for efficient spectral conversion of its unique combined ultra-short radiation pulses into longer-wavelength spectral domain of 1150 to 1550 nm with the possibility to tune the radiation line around the set wavelength within this range.

autocorrelation function

- time-resolved spectroscopy
- studies of chemical kinetics and dynamics
- Raman spectroscopy
- micro- and nano-photonics
- supercontinuum generation
- fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy
- optical DNA sensing technology
- amplifier seeding
- sub-systems for OEM integration

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