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CW narrow-line Ti:Sapphire laser, model "TIS-FD-08"

Ti:Sapphire laser

TIS/DYE-FD-08 (570 kB)

CW narrow-line Ti:Sapphire laser with intra-cavity frequency doubling, model TIS-FD-08 presents the optimal cost-efficient solution for a source of radiation tuneable within a ultra-wide range of wavelengths important for spectroscopy of semiconductor materials and other tasks. The output radiation wavelength range of the laser is 700-950 nm for the fundamental harmonics and 350-475 nm for the second-harmonics, the radiation line width being 0.05-0.01 nm.

The laser can also be shipped in the combined configuration: Ti:Sa + Dye, model TIS/DYE-FD-08, which means an expansion of the fundamental output range to 550-700 nm and ot the corresponding SH range to 275-350 nm. The output power of the second harmonics exceeds 50 mW when pumped with 5 W and is more than 100 mW when pumped with 10 W.
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