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Autoscanned CW narrow-line ultra-wide-tunable laser system,
model "T&D-scan"

Autoscanned CW narrow-line laser system

T&D-scan (2,3 Mb)

Tekhnoscan unveils a unique fully computer-controlled powerful broadly tunable laser system for research studies in nano- & bio-domains demanding fine resolution and high spectral density of CW radiation within UV-VIS-NIR spectral ranges.

Our fully automated laser system based on Tekhnoscan's CW narrow-line (line-width < 1 GHz) lasers comes as a perfect embodiment of modern ideas and technology innovation in the field of nanotechnology-oriented smart tunable laser spectrometers. Novel advanced design of the fundamental laser component implements efficient intra-cavity frequency doubling as well as provides a state-of-the-art combined ultra-wide-tunable Ti:Sapphire & Dye laser covering a super-broad spectral region between 275 and 1100 nm.

Ultra-Wide-Tunable Laser

The "T&D-scan" laser system includes, as its base, a CW ultra-wide-tunable narrow-line laser, high-precision wavelength meter, an electronic control unit driven through USB interface as well as a software package.

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