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Applications of Tekhnoscan's lasers
in nano-science and nano-technologies


Research methods relying upon lasers and laser technologies are widely applied in material sciences and nano-system research. The area of these methods and technologies is determined by the parameters of laser radiation: wavelength, pulse energy or output power of continuous radiation, pulse duration or radiation line width (for CW lasers), etc.

Continuous lasers with narrow radiation line and possibility to detune the output wavelength are used for spectroscopy of nano-objects (Raman scattering, light absorption in a wide spectral range), structural characterisation of semiconductor structures, for studies of photo-dynamic action of inorganic semiconductor nano-particles, for investigation into mechanisms of bio-synthesis of inorganic semiconductors, for research to create new types of optical devices for reading and writing data, as well as in many other problems within the industry of nano-systems and materials ...

Lasers with ultra-fast light pulses (femtosecond, picosecond) are applied in studies of ultra-fast physico-chemical processes in nano-objects, in research related to plasmonics and meta-materials, optical trapping of nano-particles and their manipulation (laser "tweezers"), for generation of terahertz radiation from interaction of light with semiconducting or metallic nano-structures, in micro- and nano-processing of materials, and in modification of substances under action of laser radiation. With the explosive development of research in this field new promising nano-technological applications of femto- and pico-second lasers constantly emerge. It is possible to draw many interesting examples, such as nano-surgery-laser operations on individual living cells (micro-injections into separate cells through holes in the cellular membrane made with the help of a femtosecond laser operating in near IR range), rapid virus detection by Raman response amplified by introduced silver nano-rods ...

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